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Security Code problem

Hello Admin, a problem has occured when i want to register a new member. My backoffice has a balance of $1999 (New Parters Money). When i try to enter the security code, the site does not accept it. My partner is very nervous about this situation. Please help me with the security code. My 
Best regards, Ainash  

Hi, Security Code is your account old  password. I don't have any problem to purchase.

Many Blessings. 

Dear  Inae Kim, my old password don't work.Thats my problem. Admin help, please. we Come On a page with contacts

(Now the page and contacts others is a little)

We write On THIS mail the letter of such contents:

It is a pity to me, your help is very urgently necessary. I lost the protective code and now I can't transfer money or be registered the new partner. The help to restore it.

member of the account: your login

Name: Name and Surname

mobile phone: +792 ...........

e-mail address: ............. @

Identity card number Copy: a series and passport number the equipment (and to attach the passport copy where number and a series is visible)

in a subject I wrote: Your HEEELP is necessary to me! (It is possible to put the subject name another, I put such)

Then I called on phone to them +852-23167477 (I called from Skype, it is possible to subscribe "World" or "Premium", costs not much, but will be much cheaper to call to Hong Kong and to explain them your problem.

Answer in English. I asked them to accept my letter and pointed to the name of a subject of my letter that it was simpler to find, also specified when sent the letter.

At me dropped out so that days off with holidays therefore restoration, and time of consideration of the letter and restoration the Finn of the password from 2х till 5 days was a little tightened alternated.

Before recovery of the password, to me sent the letter:

Dear member:

New code of safety it won't be sent to the registered e-mail address .......... @ till tomorrow.


And as promised, sent next day the security guard a code

To whom that isn't clear, write me in Skype, I will help council. My Skype:vityazi.power 

mb i can help to. call to skype.  I will help council.

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